Free Stuff and Your “Rights”

Question: Who pays for your “free” stuff?

ObamaCare mandates (commands) health insurance companies to include preventive care at no cost to insured persons. Is that free care without cost? Does the Doc perform your exam without billing the insurance company? Does the lab complete your blood tests, PAP smears, EKG’s, etc. gratis? Does the Doc’s nurse, and tech assistant work for nothing?

That “free” service costs real dollars, and don’t expect your insurance company to just absorb it. Lean a little closer and I will whisper a secret to you: The cost of your “free” preventive care is built right into your monthly health insurance premium. What’s that you say?…You don’t pay a monthly¬† premium because your employer pays your whole premium. Do you remember when your last raise was much less than you had hoped…or when there was no raise at all, or no Christmas (is it still all right to say Christmas?) bonus? Well, Jack and Jill, you paid for it.

It works just like Social Security, where your employer pays half your Social Security deduction and you pay the other half. You get less salary because the boss has to send dollars that could have been in your pay-check to Uncle Sam.

So, if you think ObamaCare is going to reduce your health insurance premiums, I have a bridge in Arizona I’d like to sell to you.

How about that latest edict from on high in DC…now women get “Free” birth control and abortion services. Last time I looked, sexual intercourse was a lifestyle activity, not an illness.¬†Birth control products take up entire aisles in most pharmacies, and “the pill” is readily available by prescription…so nobody is standing in the way of a little personal responsibility. Okay, the cost of that “free” service will also be added on by your health insurer.

Do you really believe these things are “Rights”? As a US citizen, you are born with certain rights…among them the rights to Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of Happiness. Our Constitution guarantees those rights. The State does not bestowe rights on you. If it did, it could take them away just as easily. Committing a serious crime can cause you to lose a right…Liberty, and possibly Life.

Health care is not a right. If you believe it is, find that in the Constitution. If you are content with the current government take over of health care, banking, and automobile manufacture, hang on to your hat because you ain’t seen nothin’ yet.

For example look at Venezuela and follow how Chavez set one part of the population against another part to gain votes based on jealousy and envy, turning a once proud republic into a basket case. Next step from Washington, to take the stars from the blue field of the US flag and replace them with a hammer and sickle.

November 6, 2012 is coming. On that day, you get to make the call. Vote one way to keep a Republic that is the envy of the rest of the world, or vote to become Greece, Venezuela, or some other country full of “Free” stuff.

Carpe Deim



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