Out With the Old In With the New

Let’s put 2020 and 2021 behind us to make 2022 our “New Beginning”. Starting today, Now, start rebuilding your faith in humanity and resume a “normal” life of taking each day as it comes and making the most of every hour. None of us can change the past but all of us can take action to make tomorrow better than today.

Start by tackling the tasks you’ve been putting off, such as reviewing your insurance and updating the personal information contained in your insurance company records. Has your address changed? What about your phone number, address or e-mail address?

Here’s a block-buster question for you: Did you name your wife/husband as beneficiary on your life insurance back in the day, then get a divorce but fail to change your beneficiary designation? If you didn’t, your Ex will get the death benefit when you die, because only you or your policy’s owner can make that change….and your life insurance company is bound by law to pay the cash, possibly thousands of dollars, only to the named beneficiary.

While we are on the subject: Get off the dime and buy that life insurance you’ve been putting off. Doing so will make you rest easier, and will provide a lifeline for someone you specially care about.

Carp Diem