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A Medicare Didja Know

Here’s a few DidjaKnows about Medicare:

Most of us can look forward to qualifying for Medicare benefits starting the first day of the month in which we turn age 65. (One may also qualify for Medicare benefits earlier if they have been receiving Social Security Disability Benefits for twenty-four [24] months or longer.)

During the run up to your age 65 birthday expect to be bombarded by phone calls, regular mail, e-mails and even some stranger knocking on your door trying to entice you to sign up for some company’s Medicare insurance plan. Those rascals are breaking the rules and not to be trusted. Send the on their way immediately, as, Medicare rules bar such phone calls and face to face contacts by those pestering you…unless you have given them prior permission to contact you.

Instead, ask your insurance broker, friends, your financial planner, CPA, attorney, or others you trust, to refer you to someone who can guide you through the Medicare wilderness. As with all government programs, Medicare rules and regulations present a challenge to understand, but getting your arms around the basics will be easier that you may think.

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