A New Year with New Challenges and New Opportunities for You

Every January 1st we are rewarded with new opportunities to make ours’, and the lives of those who depend upon us, better, safer and more secure than was the case last year…opportunities to address the “coulda”, “shoulda”, “woulda” steps we failed to take in 2015, such as: I coulda set aside a few dollars each week that shoulda covered the premiums for some disability income insurance that woulda saved my butt when I fell off the ladder, strained my back and could work only part time for the next six months, reducing my income by 50% during that time.

Life is full of coulda, shoulda, woulda moments. Why is that? The reason is that during those moments we have the advantage of hind-sight…looking back from a renewed prospective. You, I and everybody on earth ain’t never gonna be disabled, broke or dead. Just ask us. Why else would we buzz down life’s road without a thought about hedging our bets with insurance to soften the blows that life deals us?

What’s that? You “can’t afford” life or disability insurance? My friend, that is the very reason you should own some, because if money for you is tight now things can only get worse when death or disability show up at your door. Selfishly, when you die too soon you are gone…out of the picture…home free…leaving your spouse and kids to take the blows. But when you are disabled and can only work part time, or not at all, you are still here to twist in the wind while your bills go unpaid and those who counted on your support are left holding the bag.

Do the right thing this week. Talk to your insurance broker about life and/or disability insurance, then do something about it. I guarantee you will sleep better
afterward. Peace of mind is a powerful tranquilizer.

Carpe Diem