Building Hedges

Landscapers recommend building hedges around property offering protection to landscaping should harsh weather arrive, not always completely saving it but at least allowing it to survive. Prudent people also erect financial hedges to protect their personal estates. Cash is king and cash flow is vital to supporting your way of life. Take a look at your last several months’ bank statements. Add up the bills which come due every month: Mortgage or rent, power, water, internet, cable TV, phone, food, clothing, car/lease payment, gasoline, other utilities, automobile insurance, home insurance, life insurance, medical expenses…the list seems endless.

May is Disability Income Insurance Month, and I expect you already feel as if you are up to your eyebrows in insurance premiums; however, allocating some additional premium dollars toward owning insurance guaranteeing cash when you need it most should be a priority consideration for you. Disability Income Insurance provides guaranteed cash to you during times when an accident or extended illness forces you out of the work force. Your group insurance at work might provide some short term disability income insurance but typically for a period of time no more than twenty-six weeks or less.

Your chance of being hit by an accident or illness during your working lifetime, cutting off your ability to continue earning a living, is greater than death during that time period…so owning disability income insurance may actually rate a higher priority than owning life insurance. Think about that, then call your agent and set up a time to explore owning disability income insurance. Sometime in the future you and your family may be glad that you did.

Carpe Diem