Don’t Need and Don’t Want No Damned Insurance!

Did you ever watch an accident or train wreck as it was about to happen?
You know it is going to occur but there is nothing you can do to avoid it or keep it from happening. Several years ago I was watching from the seventh floor of an office building as a train approached a crossing on a main street about a block away. An eighteen wheeler tanker truck loaded with gasoline approached the crossing, failed to stop, plowed through the crossing arm and into the train’s path.

Horn blaring, the train’s engine hit just behind the driver, blasting the truck cab to the side and gashing into its trailer loaded with five thousand gallons of gasoline. As the train ground to a halt, sparks from rails against locked steel wheels cascaded into a shower of gasoline as it gushed from the reptured trailer. As the train crew jumped from the engine the gasoline exploded into a giant fireball enveloping them as they tried to run away.

The resulting inferno burned for hours. Three train crewmen were incenerated. The engine’s fuel tanks exploded destroying it and the first several freight cars behind it. Several buildings near the site also burned. The fuel truck’s driver survived as the truck cab was separated from the fuel tanker’s load upon impact and he was only slightly injured.

How do those things happen? An experienced local trucker driving on a busy street approaches a railroad crossing that had been in the same place for 100 years and somehow fails to see flashing warning lights and well identified crossing arms four feet above the street.

What caused this catastrophy? It was not texting while driving…hadn’t been invented yet. Accidents happen…and this one did.

This was a true story…really happened in Jacksonville, Florida…so, next time you start wondering what would happen to your family if you suddenly were not around to pay the rent and buy the groceries, talk to your friendly life and health insurance agent about buying some peace of mind in the form of life insurance or disability income insurance or long term care insurance…any or all of the above.

Carpe Diem