Exchanges Are in Your Future

Would you believe….that 42% of the people questioned in a recent national survey have no idea what ObamaCare is? I suppose it’s because ObamaCare won’t fit into a Tweet. You can bet that 100% of the 42% think ObamaCare means “Free Stuff”.

Hey, free stuff is not free. In the case of ObamaCare free stuff means you get it free while somebody else pays for it for you. Just like corporate income taxes, the corporations just pass that tax along to the buyer of its product.

ObamaCare is loaded with new taxes and the folk that pay those taxes are not going to just pony up the additional cash and then sit quietly in the corner. Instead, they are going to find ways to recoup those dollars.

If you mow lawns and landscape yards to pay the rent and feed your family, and Obama and the Democrats raise taxes on your lawn equipment manufacturers, their suppiers and gasoline and oil producers, your costs to run your business will increase. Then, to keep your business afloat, you must raise the prices you charge to your customers. So…whoever pays you also pays the increased taxes. You are stuck with having to raise your prices, but for no increase in you net income. Yeah, that really makes sense doesn’t it.

Starting January 1, 2014, ObamaCare’s requirement that all of us must own health insurance, or pay a tax penalty,kicks in.

Actually, “Exchanges” in each state must be ready to start enrolling people by October 1, 2013, for insurance to become effective on January 1, 2014. Exchanges are web-sites, phone numbers, and some may appear as free standing buildings. Starting in July 2013, a quarter million health insurance agents and brokers will begin training to provide the required health insurance via the exchanges. You can work with one of the qualified agents or brokers, or dial up an exchange directly. It’s your choice…the price is the same either way.

If you prefer to just hang on to the health insurance you own now, you are free to do so. Those policies should be all right…at least through the end of 2014.

Starting Junuary 1, 2014: For individuals earning up to $29,327, and for families earning up to $88,200, there will be cash provided by your neighbors who pay income taxes to off-set part of the government required health insurance premiums. How much tax payor cash help you will receive will depend upon your actual earnings and the number of people to be insured by your policy. NOTE: For most of us, IT IS NOT GOING TO BE FREE!

So, if you are part of that 42% not aware of ObamaCare, find out about it now. It is going to hit you in the pocket book, so you’d better be ready. Go on-line and look up “PPACA”, then skip reading anything you see dated before 1/01/2013, as a lot of things have changed since the end of 2012.

Carpe Diem