Federal Health Insurance Exchanges Are Coming

Hey! Didga know that by October 1, 2013, President Obama’s “Affordable Care Act” mandates that “Exchanges” in every state must be ready to start enrolling millions of uninsured “Americans” into Obama health insurance policies?

What is an Obama health insurance policy you ask? It is a nanny-state health insurance policy, designed by the Obama government, in four versions: Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum. Benefits vary from better than nothing to the Obama government’s version of Valhalla.

If you like filling in government forms, you will absolutely love filling in the Obama government health insurance application form. Obama health insurance applications are expected to be filed on-line. Don’t own a computer? Tough! Go to the library or to some Obama government specified office to complete your application.

Expect to complete a form requiring twenty-one (21) steps plus added questions. You must be able to prove your identity, CITIZENSHIP, and income. To start, be ready to provide all your financial information, income, expenses, sources of cash, etc…consider it an IRS anal audit. Next, slog through a swamp full of arcane insurance language as you attempt to select which one of the four-sizes-fit-all Obama insurance plans fits your needs.

The Obama government expects you to complete your form in “only” thirty (30) minutes…so pack a lunch and bring something to drink, ’cause you know a Government 30 minutes means about an hour.

Oh, by the way…your application will be checked by three (3) Federal agencies, led by the IRS. (As in the old WW II movies as people attempted to move about the German countryside: A menacing guy in a leather trench coat…”Show me your papers mien herr.”)

If you are one of the 51% who,last November, voted to keep ObamaCare in place…Rejoice! You got what you voted for…and just like a STD, its going to last a while and get nasty before we can rid ourselves of it.

Carpe Diem