How Affordable is the Affordable Care Act?

Ah yes, the Affordable Care Act of 2010, still kicking into gear in early summer 2014. Did you miss the ACA application cut off date on March 31, 2014? If so you are SOL until January 1, 2015. 2015 ACA open enrollment starts in November of this year, so get ready.

How about those ACA plan calendar year deductibles? If you have trouble scratching together several hundred dollars to pay ACA policy monthly premiums, then paying out-of-pocket several thousand dollars before your insurance kicks in must really be fun for you. Did you buy one of ACA’s “Catastrophic” policies?….you pay out $6,350.00 in cash, plus your monthly premiums, before your policy pays anything at all…and that means no outpatient prescription drug coverage until you have forked over $6,350.00 from your pocket, which is hanging inside out by then. (One insurance company took pity on you, and only makes you pay $6,250.00 out of pocket first…big whoop!)

Some Catastrophic plans “allow” you to visit a doc in exchange for a $20.00 co-payment for two or three office visits per year, without making you pony up the full annual deductible first…BUT, you must see one of their In-Network physicians…so go see the lowest bid-winner doc of your choice just as long as that doc is “in-network”. Do you have a family doctor whom you have relied on for several years…one you have confidence in, one you trust? Well, get ready…He or she will not be in your insurance company’s network! Murphy’s Law rules.

I keep reading that a vast majority of voters are unhappy with the Affordable Care Act and its impact on them and their families. Why then did those same voters send the same administration which brough you ACA back to Washington in 2012? You must really like the idea of having your neighbors pay your bills for you…but what happens when your neighbors get tapped out? Yep, “Change you can believe in”, don’t leave home without it.

Carpe Diem