“Obamacare” isn’t the only game in town

Not covered by health insurance at work and instead paying for personal or family health insurance under the “Affordable Care Act’ (Obamacare)?

Chances are that yours is an HMO (Health Maintenance Organization) plan locking you into a limiting network of healthcare service providers. You may also be receiving an income tax credit to offset some of your plan’s monthly premium cost. Finally, you may have selected an uncomfortably high plan deductible in order to keep your premiums from busting your budget. If that describes you there may be alternatives in your future.

A couple big Ifs: If maternity benefits are not important to you and if you are in reasonably good health and able to meet underwriting guidelines…escape from Obamacare is possible. Bedrock Major Medical Insurance is still available to applicants who can qualify.

Such health insurance is not Affordable Care Act compliant because obtaining it is subject to underwriting….but the upside is that only reasonably healthy folk qualify to buy it which results over-all in lower premiums benefiting the buyer’s pocketbook.

Check with your insurance broker to see if moving away from Obamacare is right for you and to review the fine print. Moving on from Obamacare may not fit for you, but could save a lot of dollars for others. Everyone’s situation is unique.

Carpe Diem