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Aging Into Medicare Soon?…Some Information You Can Use

If you are approaching age 65, start doing your homework on Medicare now. Visit Medicare’s web-site: www.medicare.gov. That resource has been around for many years and contains a treasure trove of information important to you, written in easy to understand language…no cumbersome “government speak”.

Medicare pays a significant portion of Medicare beneficiaries’ healthcare expenses; however, those beneficiaries also have skin in the game. View Medicare as a brick wall shielding you from your large healthcare bills…however, with a significant number of bricks missing. it’s up to you to fill the healthcare expense holes in the wall when you have a claim.

Fortunately, very affordable insurance plans are available to fill the gaps in Medicare…some require monthly premiums, some do not. Some require annual deductibles, co-payments and co-insurance, some do not. It is important that you learn all of your options as a Medicare beneficiary, and to your advantage to discuss them with an insurance professional.

Ask your life insurance, or other, agent to recommend an agent or broker who is qualified to provide Medicare-related insurance plans. Unlike other insurance brokers, those who provide Medicare insurance plans are prohibited by Medicare from calling you without having your prior permission to do so. By the way, if a person knocks on your door, attempts to solicit you, or rings your phone to pitch a Medicare insurance idea, without your having given them prior permission to do so, they are breaking the rules and could loose their license, job and worse. They are also demonstrating to you a major character flaw…so send them packing. There are bad apples in every basket.

If you are a Florida resident I can assist you with your Medicare planning statewide, otherwise seek assistance locally.

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