Find the right health insurance

Avoid being bankrupted by a few days' stay in a hospital

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Health insurance for anyone. Call and find out what coverage you need.

Health Savings Accounts

You pay for the small stuff with income-tax-free dollars while being protected from the big bills by high deductible health insurance.

Personal Health Insurance Plans

For individuals, children, and whole families. Click here to get insured.

Group Health Insurance

Protects you and your employees.

Student Health Insurance

For your pride and joy while enrolled in college.

Temporary Major MEdical Insurance

For those between jobs, children coming off of parents’ insurance, and short term insurance needs. Click here to get insured.

"Guest" Health Insurance

For newly arrived non-U.S. citizens needing health insurance.

Specialty Health Insurance Plans

Group health insurance for overseas operations or health insurance for non-citizens who live only part-time in the U.S. Click here to get insured.

Ask me about health insurance for your business

Ken Smith can provide coverage for your business and employees.

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