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Buy Yourself Some Peace of Mind

Imagine having the peace of mind provided by not having to worry about what happens to your spouse and/or kids if something bad happens to you today…severe injury from an automobile accident, a slip and fall at home in the kitchen, falling victim to an illness from which you don’t recover….Life is a minefield and getting across it safely isn’t always an option.

Whether preparing for a weekend visit to grandma’s house or getting ready for that seven night cruise to Aruba, you would think ahead about what to pack, what to do there, and a ton of other little items to assure things run smoothly during your trip….The same applies to your trip through life and, just as happens during some of those trips, life can throw you a curve ball you’re not ready to hit.

Get ahead of the game today by talking to your insurance agent about life insurance to provide a life line to support your kids and spouse when you are no longer there to secure their well being. Peace of mind will result from knowing they will be all right financially if the worst happens to you and you will be freed from that nagging worry about “What happens to them if…”.

Adding life insurance to your family’s other assets can make a difference between just scraping by or sailing through with some room to spare. Unlike most of your family’s other assets, life insurance death benefits are income tax free* to your spouse and kids.

Carpe Diem

* Unless you have unpaid income taxes