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Is Long Term Care Insurance for You?

When an accident or illness lays you low for months at a time, owning Long Term Care Insurance (LTCI) provides the cash to allow you to remain at home during your recovery. If recovering at home is not an option, LTCI pays the rent required by an assisted care facility. LTCI is not just for older folk. Owning it would be good for you too. As is true for most life/health insurance, younger people pay lower LTCI premiums both at the beginning and in the long run.

As a nation we are living longer than our parents and grand parents. That is good news/bad news for most of us. Now we are concerned about outliving our retirement dollars. Long run, Social Secuity and Medicare are paying out more than they take in. How much will be left for you in the future? Washington could tax everybody at 100% of income, and that still would not be enough, long term, to keep up Social Security and Medicare, as they exist today. When and if ever Washington begins to address those issues you can expect program cuts and “means testing” to reduce your Medicare and Social Security benefits.

Medicare does not pay a dime toward your long term care expenses. Owning LTCI today makes good business sense. Rely on yourself and your insurance company to provide long term care dollars when needed. That beats depending upon some government agency by a long shot.

Talk to your insurance broker about LTCI today. It will be time well spent.

Carpe Diem