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What are you willing to pay for peace of mind?

Enjoying Peace of Mind comes at a cost.

Just imagine not having to worry about life’s “what if’s”: What if I get hurt or sick and can’t pay my bills? /What if some nitwit plows into my car and kills me? What happens to my spouse and kids?/What if my money runs out before I die?/ The list seems endless.

You could take your lead from Gone With the Wind’s Scarlett O’Hara…”I’ll think about that tomorrow”…but, when tomorrow arrives, what then?

Think about investing in some peace of mind ownership. Owning Life Insurance creates some peace of mind. Owning Disability Income Insurance offers some peace of mind. Making an annuity a part of your retirement savings plan buys some peace of mind…Ignoring life’s “what ifs” does not eliminate them, but if you are willing to risk them anyway, you are on your on.

Share a cup of coffee with your insurance agent while the two of you explore some affordable ways to eliminate some “what ifs”. I’m sure your agent will pay for the coffee and you will have only invested a little of your time.

Care Diem