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Who Feeds Your Family When You Can’t?

The answer to that question is probably local, state or federal relief organizations for a lot of folk…but what about YOU? If you are like most working Joe and Jill Sixpacks, you show up for work every day and collect a salary or wages a couple times each month…or maybe you are self-employed and rely of service or professional fees to support yourself and family. What if an injury or illness makes showing up at work impossible? Who has your back? Not Washington, not your state, and probably not your neighbors down the street…Think about that.

Okay, I’ll concede that if you are injured on the job there are probably limited workers compensation benefits for you if you work for the MAN, but how much and for how long?…and who wants to go to some government office, hat in hand, to ask for help? That has to be your last resort…check your dignity at the door.

However, there is a form of insurance that keeps cash coming in when accident or illness cuts off your ability to earn an income for long periods of time. It has a name, Disability Income Insurance. Ask your insurance agent about it…beats the sox off relying on an EBT card. Disability Income Insurance isn’t cheap, and not everybody can qualify to buy it, but owning some can do wonders for your peace of mind.

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