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Who Pays the Bills When You Can’t?

November is Disability Income Insurance Month. Who needs it? Who doesn’t!

Oh yes, that insurance everybody talks about but puts off for another day. All too often the premiums required by Disability Income Insurance policies scare off its potential buyer. Granted, it ain’t cheap, but not having it when you need it will cost you much more before the dust settles.

Expect to pay yearly premiums equal to around one and a half month’s benefit amount…unless you add a bunch of optional add-ons to your policy. So…if you set up Disability Income Insurance to provide $5,000.00 to you each month while you are laid up, expect to pay between $5,000.00 to $7,500 per year on average in premiums for it…meaning you have hedged $60,000.00 in annual benefits, income tax free, in exchange for ten to twelve percent of $60,000.00…to hold the bill collectors at bay. (Your results may vary but one and a half times a monthly benefit amount will be a conservative close estimate)

Still can’t afford it? Take a harder look. Get a quote from an agent or broker you trust. Owning Disability Income Insurance provides a ton of Peace of Mind.

Carpe Diem