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Too Old to buy more Life Insurance?….maybe not

Are you approaching retirement and the impending loss of your group life insurance coverage? Are you already retired and worried that your personal life insurance is inadequate? In the past did you just kick the life insurance can down the road and now find yourself “down the road”?

Life happens, age is insidious, and now you are thinking seriously about end of life issues…how to pay for your funeral…how will your life’s partner fare after you are gone…who is going to clean up the lifetime of clutter you’ve left behind…and a hat full of other worries keeping you awake tonight.

When you are gone, you’re gone…but are you really gone? Believe me when I say the ethereal you lives on, but how will the ethereal you be perceived? Will you be the loving spouse who made sure enough dollars are there to cushion the expenses created by your launch from the land of the living?…or, will you be remembered by your most cherished loved ones as the person who cashed out and left them holding the bag? Oh, they will still love you, but they will feel disappointed and abandoned…and a little resentful.

If you think I am putting a guilt trip on you, you are correct….The fact that you are upright and reading this means you still have time to do the right thing: Make sure some dollars are there when your loved ones need it most…right after your motor stops running, and for perhaps a year or two after.

If you are over age sixty-five, or even much older, purchasing life insurance now is not out of the question for you. Some life insurance companies offer their insurance to those up to eighty (80) years of age…and it may be more affordable than you imagine. At that stage of life it is likely you have a number of ailments to contend with, and the insurance companies take that into consideration when designing over-age-65 offerings. Check into it today. You may be pleasantly surprised.

Carpe Diem