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What is your Most Valuable Asset?

Do you own a house? If so it is probably your most valuable asset. If you don’t own a house, your automobile might be your most valuable asset…or maybe you have a pile of cash stashed somewhere. Maybe that is you most valuable asset. Possibly you own or control a business or professional practice, and you consider it as your most valuable asset. Guess what? None of those are your most valuable asset.

By far, your most valuable asset is your ability to generate an income for yourself and your family…to make it to your office or job site every day.

Think about it. What happens to that income stream if a sudden injury or illness disables you for a few weeks…a couple months…a year or more? You can always apply for Social Security disability benefits, but that takes months and sometimes years before the checks start arriving…provided your application is approved…and what happens while you wait for Social Security Administration to open its wallet?

Open your check book and add up all the monthly bills: rent/mortgage payments, credit card charges, food, utility charges, car payments, insurance, phone bills, local, state and federal taxes and a dozen other bills which must be paid on time. Not being able to work first reduces and eventually strangles your earning ability.

Savvy people know unexpected disability is a possibility and they take that issue off the table by owning Disability Income Insurance….insurance that guarantees continuing cash flow should an injury or illness steal your earning ability for a time or forever.

I know a top real estate agent who woke up one morning not being able to speak above a whisper…and she stayed that way for almost a full year! It took months before her doc’s could figure out what was causing her problem. Imagine, a real estate agent not being able to speak over the phone, converse with buyers or sellers…or even the cat, for a year. I can only guess how much that cost her in lost income.

Another case is a very successful dentist who suffered nerve issues in his neck area making it impossible for him to look down while working on patient’s teeth…might as well have been wearing boxing gloves. Yep. He owned disability income insurance which cushioned the loss of income when he was forced to close his practice.

Think about it then contact your life/health insurance broker to discuss Disability Income Insurance this week. Owning some could be a life saver for you and your family…and it doesn’t cost you a dime to talk to your insurance broker.

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