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Who Needs Insurance Anyway?

The answer is maybe you, maybe not.

Why spend hard earned cash on something you may never need? You may never need a quarter inch drill…until you need a quarter inch hole, which may not happen often. But when you need that hole almost nothing else will do. In the same way proper insurance acts as your quarter inch drill when you need instant cash…when you REALLY need it.

If the need is for money to cover medical bills, nothing else will do. When a family member dies it’s a shock to learn the cost of a simple funeral. If the death is that of a young mother or father, the remaining parent and their kids must find a way to survive the loss of a regular paycheck. Life insurance provides those emergency dollars instantly. Nothing else can. Nothing else will…unless the family has a rich Uncle Phil…and he didn’t get rich by giving his money away.

So the answer to the original question is, nobody needs insurance, but everybody needs cash to survive, and sometimes a whole lot on very short notice. The right insurance can be your genie in the lamp.

Carp Diem